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Houses on the Moon
Houses on the Moon Theater Company exists to dispel ignorance and isolation through the public sharing of the untold story. Through creative workshops, original performances, and post-show discussions with community partners, we have helped thousands of audience members make meaningful connections. Without your support we could not give voice to the untold story and our mission would go unfulfilled. We hope you'll consider making a tax-deductible donation to Houses on the Moon Theater Company.
Mauricio Leyton Award and Fund

Mauricio Leyton was a Chilean born, talented actor and a beloved, committed member of Houses on the Moon. He was a natural leader and activist, dedicated to helping both individuals and communities grow and come together. He tragically passed away December 1st, 2013 of an aortic aneurysm. Following his unexpected death, we created this award and grant to honor his memory. The Leyton Award is granted annually to an individual or organization that champions the unheard voice through community service.

Mauricio believed in humanity. He believed people were inherently good and capable of change. He believed in the power of kindness and love. He lived joyfully. He always took the time to listen, reflect and respond. He saw and heard everyone. He looked at the world with open eyes and saw potential everywhere. He was a motivator. He was a champion of the unheard voice.

The Leyton Award:

Each year Houses on the Moon will present this award along with $1,000 cash to an individual or not-for-profit organization that champions the unheard voice. The monetary element is to be used for the individual or organization to continue doing the work they do within communities of need.

The grant is funded by a percentage of the proceeds from the Houses on the Moon annual fund-raising Amplify Benefit and by private donors. Past Recipients include:

Elaine Lane, Founder of David’s Shoes

Susan Goodwillie, Founder of The Creative Solution Symposium Ryder Farms

Libertas Center for Human Rights at Elmhurst Hospital

Judy Sennesh, Board member of PFLAG NYC and Founder of TransFamilies Project

Lenni Benson, Founder and Executive Director of The Safe Passage Project