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Players by the Sea enriches the community through excellence in theatre, with a 53 year history of producing theatre that challenges, stimulates and enlightens Jacksonville (and surrounding area) audiences that are hungry for innovative culture.

We could not begin to fulfill our mission and theatrical expansion without the generosity of supporters like you! Ticket sales alone NEVER cover all of the operating costs to run your community theatre.

Your additional contributions outside of ticket sales, help close that gap in funding our operational needs - whether supporting any of our educational programs, enrolling your children (or grandchildren) in our youth theatre education activities, purchasing an ad in our playbill, or even just enjoying a beverage during intermission - ALL of these activities combine to help fund the theatre.
Creativity Behind the Curtain Matching Campaign

Thanks to the Community First Cares Foundation, Players by the Sea was awarded a gift of $10,000 to expand the technical theatre education program called Creativity Behind the Curtain. Players by the Sea will work with organizations that serve young women at risk to introduce them to career opportunities in technical theatre. We'll invite program partners in each month for a hands-on technical theatre experience found only at Players by the Sea. Program partners include PACE Center for Girls, Junior Achievement, Junior Achievement Girls Club, and It's a Girls Thing!. More to come!

Young women will come to Players by the Sea for a fully immersive technical experience lead by local professional female theatre artists working in Jacksonville. These students will get hands on experience in Scenic Design & Construction, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Scenic Painting, Props Design and Stage Management.


Between now and year-end, we need your help to match PNC Arts Alive’s generous gift! You can keep the excitement going by supporting the program:

$50 funds one (1) Tools of the Trade packet for each participant in Creativity Behind the Curtain, both in-house and outreach. Funds will be used to supply students with study guides and tools for use during the in-house technical experience. Goal: 200 packets for 200 girls with the outreach program.

$100 funds one (1) student’s experience at Creativity Behind the Curtain at Players by the Sea. The day includes tour of the theatre, theatre presentation, lunch and a hands-on experience in the areas of set, lights, props and costumes. Goal: Reaching 100 girls at risk.

$200 funds one (1) Technical Outreach Program sending a PBTS theatre educator to organizations serving youth. Goal: 5 outreach programs.

$500 funds Tech Talks at which organizations build a theatre project through direct connections with professionals working in theatre design (set, lights, props, costumes). Goal: 10 Tech Talks.

$1000 funds one (1) A Technical Experience at which the young women come to Players by the Sea for hands-on tech day with lights, sound, costumes, set, props and make-up. Goal: 5 in-house Technical Experiences.
Ghost Light Campaign
A ghost light is an electric light that is left energized on the stage of a theatre when the theatre is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. It is usually placed near center stage. A popular theatrical superstition holds that every theatre has a ghost, and to appease them, the light is left on at night to provide opportunities for the ghosts to perform onstage, thus preventing them from cursing the theatre or sabotaging the set or production.

A recurring gift to the Ghost Light Campaign will keep Players by the Sea alive and active for the next 53 years! A $20 monthly gift to support your community theatre has a huge impact. These are funds the theatre can count on each month, allowing us to focus on our mission of bringing you high quality live theatre and providing educational opportunities for the creative youth and adults in our community.

The goal is to attain 100 Ghost Light recurring gifts of $20 per month for a year (or forever) by June 30, 2019. This elite group of one hundred Ghost Lighters will be listed in our Grune Family Gallery for all to see as audiences enter the Main Stage and Studio Theatre.

Ghost Lighters will make sure our fundamental expenses are covered. As a thank you, each Ghost Lighter will receive free admission to the Second Season in the Studio Theatre, special invitations to private readings and Ghost Lighter pricing to special events -- all because you care enough to keep the light burning and power our mission!