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San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company
As one of the BATCO sponsors, you'll be an integral part of cultivating an organization dedicated to enriching the San Francisco Bay Area. Your generosity will foster opportunities for artists to enhance the community through affordable performances and youth mentorship programs.

Meeting our costs for mentorships and performances while maintaining low ticket prices is a real challenge, but one that our supporters can play a vital role in helping us achieve. As a as a tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all gifts made to BATCO are tax deductible.
Sponsor a Student to see "I, Too, Sing America"
You directly can help us support students coming to the theatre.

Othello, the composer and visionary, told us about an idea he had, while reading to his young daughters, to put poems by poets of color to music. The book that inspired him was titled "I, Too, Sing America" after the poem I, too by Langston Hughes. The book is an anthology that includes poems from three decades of black poets. Inspired by the title, we decided to put together a show of poems that portray the spectrum of the human experience authored by people of color. The result is this performance.

Help us give SF students the opportunity to experience theatre, poetry, music and dance.

A $15.00 donation guarantees 1 student can attend our show (Support a Single Student)

A $150.00 donation guarantees 10 students can attend our show (Support a Small Classroom)

A $300.00 donation guarantees 20 students can attend our show (Support a Large classroom)

A $1000.00 donation guarantees over 65 students can attend our show (Support 3 Large classrooms)
Jerrie Johnson's The Crooked Room
Please help us reach our GOAL! To make this Show a Reality!

Thank you for your consideration to give to this production of, "The Crooked Room"
With your support our One-Woman-Show WILL be a reality in San Francisco

In her own words, Jerrie Johnson, taps into the magic that is inherent to the  Black Womanhood, the original woman, the mystified, the mythical, the  provocative, and the erotic.

She is interested in the dichotomy between Black  Joy and the Generational trauma that makes joy an act of resistance.  Specifically, how the Black woman’s responsibilities to her community can  create dissonance in her struggle for liberation and self-actualization. How  can she explore weakness in a place that expects her to be strong? Is the  Black woman being robbed of her duality by her community unconsciously  by way of images being fed to them by the patriarchal structure in which we  participate? She wants to explore this through some pre-colonial Afro-indigenous  ritual practices and performance styles, in order to steep this piece in a  truthFULLNESS that may otherwise be restricted by solely exploring through  a western lens. With that said, she doesn't have all the answers, she is a  collaborator. She needs eyes and ears and sounds that don’t come from my body, she needs voices from places that she has never been in order for this to expand  beyond the realms of my consciousness.

And she needs you, witnesses to go on this journey with her  

Please Consider making a donation to our Production premiering at the African American Art & Culture Complex this June 28th & 29th
Sponsor a Student to see "Gravity"
Help us bring Bay Area students to our new musical about women, science, history, and how we know what we think we know.....
Athena 2020
Following an incredibly Successful Staged Reading (Summer 2019), We want to give our creative team the opportunity to make ATHENA as fully realized as possible.

Your donation will go directly to the efforts of Producing ATHENA

"The play is a work of realism. Parts of it cut so close to lived female experience — the white, urban, middle-class version, anyway — that they hardly feel like fiction at all. But the play made me think about science fiction and the time machine I’d need to send my teenage self to the show." - NYTimes
Reserve Your Seats To "ATHENA"

Happy Birthday Joanne Cohen
BATCO is honored to host the big 50 for our incredibly dedicated and nurturing Board Member Joanne Cohen.
If you cannot join us Saturday June 1st for the festivities at the Brava theatre please consider making a tax-deductible donation to her non-profit of choice: BATCO!

Here’s to the sweetest, kindest, always there to listen in times of need SuperMom: Joanne Cohen
Elisabeth Roberts' BATCO Fundraiser