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Culture Project
We hope you will consider taking this opportunity to make a donation to Culture Project or one of our other banner initiatives, Women Center Stage or Blueprint for Accountability. Your contribution will enable us to continue bringing untold stories to the New York stage and beyond.

All donations are tax-deductible. Culture Project is a 501(c)3 organization.
Who We Are
'Who We Are - A Chronicle of Racism in America' reexamines 400 years of America’s stolen history through the eyes of civil rights lawyer Jeffery Robinson. From the historical connection of slave patrols to local police departments, through the massacres of communities of freed slaves, to the fact that the essential elements of the practice of modern day slavery continued continued long after the civil war, Robinson challenges us to think about where we started as a country, where we are, and where we want to end up. His words lay bare an all-but-forgotten past, as well as our shared responsibility to create a better country in our lifetimes.

Robinson's presentation on the history of racism in America will take place on June 19th and will be accompanied by meticulously curated archival material and enhanced by powerful live performances, including poets and actors doing dramatic live readings of the original source material contained in Robinson's presentation and music by musicians immersed in traditions of African-American liberation.
Women Center Stage
First launched in 1996, Women Center Stage (WCS) is Culture Project’s banner initiative committed to supporting and vigorously promoting the work of women artists, and celebrating the unique contribution of women to social justice and human rights. The cornerstone of WCS is the annual Women Center Stage Festival, a dynamic and diverse laboratory for works in progress from women theater artists at all levels of their careers.

Visit for Festival schedules, artist information, video exclusives, blog, and more!
Blueprint for Accountability
Blueprint for Accountability, Culture Project’s acclaimed town hall series, is a bold hybrid of journalism, theatre and film that brings together leading experts in politics, journalism, academia, and social activism along with visionary artists, to create high-voltage, multimedia conversations designed to educate, entertain and mobilize citizens for vigorous engagement in restoring accountability into our civic society.