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Support The Mark Twain House & Museum
A donation to this campaign supports the general fund for The Mark Twain House & Museum. The museum depends on contributions from donors like you to ensure the preservation of the Clemens family Hartford home. Your support also allows us to share our enriching programs and events with our community-- approximately 150 each year. Over 40% of our annual operating income comes from individual, corporate and foundation supporters. Your dollars are integral to our success, and we thank you for your support.
Hartford Creative Contest
The Mark Twain House joins, Asylum Hill residents, SUSO (Step Up, Step Out, End the Culture of Violence), Mothers United Against Violence, and Beckett Law in sponsoring the Hartford Creative Contest.  The contest invites Hartford students in grades 4-12 to express their opinions and feelings on matters that affect their lives. The contest started out with just essays and then, as requested by students, grew to include poetry and visual art as well. It is free for students to submit entries and funds raised go toward the prizes, a print booklet of the winning submissions and a winner celebration.

Learn more about the contest at