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2018 Annual Appeal
Dear Friends of the YMCA Boulton Center,

The YMCA Boulton Center is proud to continuously provide world class entertainment and performances by some of the greatest artists thanks to the generous gifts from supporters such as you. Our theater is a jewel - an intimate, comfortable, artist and audience friendly facility. We take great pride in being the driving force behind the revitalized Main Street in Bay Shore. All of this can happen only with the support of our friends and patrons who are committed to seeing the arts flourish on Long Island.

Due to the high quality of entertainment, ticket sales cover little more than 50% of our overall operating cost. Thanks to your donation, we will continue to strive upon bringing the best to our beautiful down town.

Your investment in the arts can go a long way toward keeping your community on the forefront of the creative economy.
We call upon you to participate in our 2018 Annual Appeal.
Thank you.