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Name a chair today! The ass ! Really and truly, this is what it’s about. The derrière. The ass is the IT body part. It shows no discrimination on the human body. Everyone has an ass. And they come to Performance Space, and they put this lovey big or little bottom in a chair customized by YOU. You are supporting, literally holding up asses, for us. How can we go on if one doesn’t hold the ass in high regard? WE NEED YOU!

Republished in zine format, Life is a mini novella co-written by Hannah Black and Juliana Huxtable. The characters of Hannah and Juliana are catastrophic risk analysts who come out of retirement for the apocalypse, reconnecting as the world ends. 

The zine was originally published in book format by mumok, Vienna, in 2017. 

“I once thought that the hieroglyph was the perfect form of data storage, a certain sacrifice in breadth was necessary, the muscles can only accomplish so much. The crevices in stone apt for wavelengths foreign to our DNA. .. Infrared, X-ray…” (Juliana) 

“would you believe it, for a split second after I heard we were all done for, it was your face that filled my mind’s eye, and all the sticky complications, all the jealousies and resentments, all the professional and personal, seemed like a rebuke to the entropy of everything” - (Hannah)