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Days before the summer festival, young pint-sized con artist Sally comes to town offering to teach the local kids how to sell seashells...for a small fee. The kids she meets will never be the same as they learn the importance of friendship, honesty, and finding a healthy balance between working hard and having fun.

An introductory two-week camp for our littlest actors. There’s a reason why they call it a “play.” In this program, students learn how to have a good time while bringing their own unique voice and personality to the process of creating a show. They’re taught to work together creatively, respecting everyone’s contribution, no matter how small. The camp rehearsals are divided into two age groups. The younger group – ages 5 to 7 – meet from 10am until noon. The older group – ages 8 to 11 – meet from noon until four o’clock. During these hours, each group works on their particular elements of a show. At the end of two weeks, the two groups come together for two wonderful live performances for family and friends…and anyone else who wants to buy a ticket!
(NOTE: Young actors need only sign up for this course. No audition is necessary.)